Call center services

We operate our own service center for the execution of inward and outward collection telephone services. In this way, we not only support our own collection processing, but also the dunning processes of our clients.

For example, for customers of the client who have not paid overdue invoices despite a reminder, we can carry out the telephone call on behalf of the client. The aim is to avoid blockings and/or further legal consequences. The transfer of telephone collection orders usually takes place in electronic form.

In order to reach debtors, we use the most modern and intelligent dialling technology, which reduces the inconvenience to customers to a reasonable minimum despite multiple attempts at different times and weekdays.

In the case of successful contact, we first check the identity of the customer through his/her full name, adress and date of birth. In the case of deviations from the data transmitted, a refusal by the customer to carry out the identification or in the case of an answering machine and/or mailbox, for reasons of data protection we do not conduct a conversation, but instead leave a neutral callback request.

In the case of successful identification, a qualified telephone collection discussion is held with the customer, taking into account the processing guidelines specified by the client. This could involve, among other things:

  • requesting further contact details (e.g. mobile number, email address)
  • recording payment agreements
  • requesting documents
  • recording objections or other reasons for non-payment
  • stating ways of contacting the client

The results of the telephone call order are transmitted daily to the client in electronic form as so-called result codes.

accredis is a member of the Call Center Verband Deutschland e.V. (CCV). The members of the CCV are subject to a code of honour that regulates the nature, the way and the times of day contact can be made, in addition to compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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