Pre-trial debt collection

Experience and the necessary sureness of instinct in collecting the claims are essential in debt recovery. Our technically accomplished and continuously trained collection experts at accredis strike the right balance between retaining customers and enforcing the client's justified interest in obtaining payment.

In the case of pre-trial debt collection, we first check the collection orders transmitted electronically by the client according to defined plausibility criteria, such as, for example, the minimum amount of the transferred principal claim or the complete debtor data. We then create, upon request, an order confirmation or receipt confirmation file and/or inform the client about the orders which could not be taken over. The debt collection itself entails a comprehensive written and telephone dunning system. Here, we tailor the individual reminder steps individually to the respective receivables portfolio.

Our debt collection software is multilingual and has an integrated workflow management. Via numerous interfaces it is firmly connected to credit agencies, postal service providers, an interactive call center platform and a data warehouse-based management information system. With this system solution, free of media disruption, accredis is able to implement all client requirements at short notice in automated processes and also meet extensive client-specific reporting requirements.

We process payments, like all electronic import and export files, on a daily basis. In accordance with the requirements of the clients, our employees make instalment payment and settlement agreements with the debtors and answer all inquiries and complaints. For this, we employ only trained and experienced collection specialists who through regular training are kept up-to-date with the current legal situation - also in terms of the legal framework of the respective client sector.

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