About us


Creditreform Accredis GmbH is a subsidiary of the Creditreform Group.

As a volume collection company based in Hürth, we specialise in the recovery of outstanding receivables from telecommunications and eCommerce companies, credit institutions, building societies and energy suppliers.

With the help of our powerful IT platform, we support the entire receivables management process of our clients without media disruptions; starting from invoicing, commercial dunning procedures including customer service, collection, judical dunning procedures, to long-term monitoring of called claims.

We implement our clients' specific requirements, such as account holder investigations, call center services or the digitisation of paper-bound documents such as invoices, enforcement orders or even unopened postal returns, quickly and with the utmost precision.

Within the Creditreform Group, we also act as a supraregional service company and through our services for the processing of collections support individual Creditreform companies at 129 locations in Germany. 

Accredis is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso Unternehmen (BDIU) [Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies] and the Call Center Verband Deutschland e.V. (CCV).