Outsourcing of your debit subledger

Debt Management

Outsourcing of invoicing and accounts receivable

As part of our receivables management, we not only create and send invoices for you, but also ensure that these are paid quickly. Our service includes, for example, incoming payment monitoring as well as telephone and written communication with the debtor. We manage your balances in a debit subledger, integrate your account-keeping bank, clarify collective bookings and transfer the booking records to your general ledger via an interface.

The sending of one or more payment reminders, which are created and sent in the name and appearance of the client, is also one of our services. We agree with our clients the number of letters, the content, the deadlines and the number of reminders plus interest, if any.

Your advantages:

  • Tailored processes
  • Various configuration options
  • Individual interfaces
  • Professional consulting
  • Custom reports
  • Reducing the manual effort