We put your receivables on the right track

Pre-trial debt collection

Experience and a sure instinct are required for receivables management and indispensable for debt collection. Our technically experienced and continuously trained debt collection experts find the balance between maintaining your customer relationship and enforcing your legitimate claim.

In pre-judicial debt collection, we first check the orders you have submitted electronically according to defined plausibility criteria, enrich the debtor data with further information, like creditworthiness and other communication channels. We use an intelligent scoring system to determine the way in which customers are addressed. The out-of-court debt collection itself includes an extensive written and telephone dunning process. We adjust the individual dunning steps, the wording and the communication channels individually to the respective portfolio of receivables and your customers.

We can exchange electronic data with you in live mode via a REST API. Our collection process is also digitally controlled with the latest technology. The application is permanently connected to credit agencies, postal service providers, an interactive call center platform and a data warehouse-based management information system via numerous interfaces. With this media discontinuity-free system solution, we are able to implement all requirements in automated processes in a short time and also to create extensive individual evaluations. The use of our own call center ensures that your customer is only addressed in the way that is your choice.

We agree on installment payments and debtor comparisons only according to your specifications and we process all inquiries and complaints promptly by our legally trained specialist staff. Our online creditor portal provides you with all the information on your claims digitally at a glance and available anytime, anywhere.

Your advantages:

  • Decades of debt collection expertise
  • Maintaining your customer relationship
  • Increase in your return flows through the latest technology
  • Portal offer for you and your customers
  • Maximum transparency through individual reports
  • Collection of Foreign claims
  • ISO certified quality management